Thursday, July 22, 2010

teaRs oUh teaRs. pLease gO awaY

NOYUE eQual tO??

i tEll u....

such a nuisancE girL,
just name it.!
noyue is all d negative thing that u can say.


noyue =

malOO? : yeah!
sedih? : yup!
benci? : yes!
gembira? : nO!
sUke? : nOpe!
mahU? :neVa!
hope? : chanGe, cHanGe n cHange!

wisH...: be better one
now? : i'd just be the Worst! yeah! you did it! ~SIGH!

AnYBoDY heLp me chanGe to be sOmbOdy?

oUh!!!!!! ='(

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