Monday, August 30, 2010

mY naMe is shoRty mOLLy

: gIven bY bELla..
mY veRy cHubBy fWen.
know her sinCe fOrm 5.
(her mum suPPlied d very tAsTy + CrisPy
keRopOk siRa at my mum's sTall)

: caLled By eiYda.
the CutesT fwEn.
kNow Her sInce oUr MSK.
we were in a team. hik!

: lOve tHEm so muuch.
GlaD tO haVe Them
as FWen.

: bell n eiYda. tenx fer beIng sUch a goOd fWen.
wiLL neVa ferGet bOth Of u.

siNcerELy bY:
d ShOrty mOLly

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