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assalamualaikum w.b.t. hi everyone. whoa! da lame ta tataip2 kat sini. terindu pulak na menaip kat sini. okei lah. today i felt soooo sad and i keep think that i'm worst. yelah mane ta nye. My STORY TELLING presentation FAILED!! huaaaaa.. sob3 i told them a lil bit story about my high school classmate. i called AMANAH KINGDOM. mulenye bapak lah excited na bercerita pasal AMANAH KINGDOM menghafal habis, kononnye na kasi tau kat diorang yang AKU NI ADE CERITA DIORANG dan PASAL DIORANG. tapi sumenye hancur sebab terlampau NERBES! haish!. sedih parop deh!!! cerita dia macam ni...


Once upon a time, there was a country named Amanah Kingdom which are located at SMKBians (Sek. Men. Keb. Beserah) continent of Kuantan planet. The country was ruled by a beautiful queen, Queen Zuarina binti Mohammed and she was assisted by eight of very intelligent ministers such as Minister of Malay Language, Minister of English Language, Minister of History Minister of Science, Minister of Mathematic, Minister of Account Principle, Minister of Additional Mathematics and Minister of Basic Economy Education.

In this country there were two group of prisoner called ‘Skewl are Pwison crew’ or S.A.P crew that are consist 14 male prisoner and 25 female prisoner that are trained by the Queen and the entire ministry. All 39 prisoners were specially trained to face big war that happen on the end years of 2008. The war was well –known as Sijil Pelajaran Malysia war or SPM examination. This war is a necessary war that must be encountered by all SMKBians continent resident. S.A.P crew were trained for Accounting and Economy stream.

Day after day, all the prisoner that lead by Fatini changed to be a mighty knight (but some of them including me as the narrator have to sits in a extra class because we are still young, weak and not prepared well to face the big war – sigh!) and prepared to encounter the big war. Each mini war we faced every month and as a warm up before we are really prepare to face the SPM war. Even though we are extremely trained by them, we still cheer to each other in keep helping all of us to be relaxed and not to depress with all the extreme training. Since we are too relaxed in everything we have done, some of us have been subject to discipline action by disciplinary board and the whole of S.A.P crew had been fined by teachers because of our naughtiness act.

One day, Chandra received a letter that sent by an unknown attacker where he/she had stole an envelope that contained Amanah Kingdom country collected money worth RM300++. The money was saved for our S.A.P uniform, our feast before the war and money that collected for other purpose. We felt so miserable and fuming because of the lost. After she read the letter, she hand the letter to the knight, the knight reported that case to our queen. Queen Zuarina made a conference and a discussion about that case with the leaders from others country. But, even with supervision help by the higher leader of the continent, we still could not catch the real culprit.

After a month, the story of the theft begun to ease. We start to collect back the money but our treasurer, Syafiza who have sense of responsibility sense insist to replaced all the lost money with her own money even though we not permitted her to do it but she said, “the money now is my responsibility, then I’m the one who should pay it because you guys had trust me to be a treasurer.” Once the money enough for the shirt fee, we once again we get staggered by a information about one of our knight had take RM5 from each of our money. We got mad again but after a discussion with other knight in Amanah Kingdom, we decide to forgive him and forget what have he done.

Another few months to face with the war, we all the knights have to attend a lot of seminar, motivation talk and a lot of classes. Although there was quite depressed session we had to go through, we still enjoyed all the moment because it will be a precious moment to us in future. To reduce our depression, we hang out together every weekend watching movie, follow bowling club activities every Wednesday and sometimes we sit together at the library as a study group. A week before the SPM war, we keep gather every evening to study in group with all the S.A.P crew. We keep in the track to be well-prepared as a mighty knight in that war. A week before we face with the big war, we had a party to celebrate out school day and farewell party.

Day after day, time after time, finally came the day where all of us have to sits in the examination hall as a knight in SPM war. All of us have prepared and can answer the question well. Even on the examination day, Minister of History, Miss Zuraidah still helps us about the war. An hour before all of us be in the examination hall to answer History Paper, she came to us and advice to read a bit about the last chapter of History subject and the topic about that chapter really came out in the examination. We thanks to Miss Zuraidah for helping us until the last moment. I would like to thanks to all teacher that help us all those time.

Amanah Kingdom is actually my form five class in school day where it put a lot of special story and lot of special moment to me. ‘Skewl are Prison crew’ name were given by one of my friend, Amer Hamzah the trouble maker of our class and he keep called the student as prisoner because he said the school condition was same like a prison with a wall, full of barbed wired around it and our school have a very strict discipline level. In this class we not use our real name in conversation to each other but we use the name given by a cute friends name Leena and Syahirah or known as Ketchup and Ayam. The name that given by them such as Dolphin for my cousin because she love to read about dolphin, they call me Chandra because I always talk to fast and sometime they cannot understand what I’m saying, Crack to my friend name Nadia because she is so slim thin, Tabuan to Amer because he had been stung by a wasp on his head, Chin Chan to Asyraf because he has a black, thick eyebrow and many more name that sometime make me laugh when I keep reminding my school day. Leena and Syahirah are best friend and always be together everywhere and anywhere.

One of my classmate in school day Hazuana, study in Politeknik Muadzam Shah taking DPM and she is now in semester two. One of my school day friend Ruby, got married and now her waiting the day to deliver her baby and another classmate, Diyana getting married this October. I hope I can attend her big day. Uzairi now work as a NAVY at Johor Bahru and the others are still studying.

After the SPM over, all of us choose our on way to further our study. Though we are not in the same field of study, we still contact to each other, keep in touch with some of us and hang out together if there is a leisure time. Thanks to Facebook because let us in touch to each other.

Even until now, I still smile, laugh when reminding the school day moment and miss the day we gather together, sit on a table, shared food with the class member and do lot of things together. Whoah! I can’t wait until the reunion day even though its way too long – another 5 years to go. I wish they succeed in their life, happy with their new family and be a successful person in future. I miss all of them and will never forget the precious moment in my life and I hope Amanah Kingdom story will remains as a memory forever.

p/s : noyue tau ade banyak grammatical error dalam essay nih. tapi ni lah yang noyue pikir bile tetibe teringat kat korang mase dapat TASK "Write an essay about your own story, then present it"

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